In what could be the slowest news week since we’ve started the podcast, the task of finding worthy topics was a challenge.  Luckily we were able to fill the gaps with some really cool projects from some great people.

First up is a new project from director Todd Nunes called DEATH WARD 13.  Our Patreon subscribers will notice that we’re taking a second look at DEAD AWAKE.  We weren’t impressed the first time, so how about now?  Have you heard of DEFEND HORROR, because it’s exactly what the genre is needing right now, and we look at INSIDE PSYCHO, a podcast coming at you on March 24th

This week we dive into LAKE BODOM, the latest Shudder acquisition.  It is undeniably gorgeous, but does it have anything else going for it?  Round 3 we decide to embarrass ourselves by trying our hands at one of the weekly horror quizzes over on Dreadit.  Yes, we can already hear your screams.

All of that, and always a whole lot more, on episode 97 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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