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We might be a tad late this week, but we wouldn’t leave you hanging. You know, except for those times that we do. That said, the extra couple of days between episodes really allowed for a variety of conversation topics, so we thought we’d do things a bit differently this week.

With no major releases set to hit home video, theaters, or VOD this week, we thought we’d skip the review segment and just go off the cuff for 70 uninterrupted minutes. I’ll be honest, we didn’t think we had it in us, but it turns out Jacob and I might have a bright future in morning radio show production. But what exactly are we talking about? Quite a bit, actually.

RENDEL (Finland’s dark superhero in the vein of The Punisher and Spawn), INSIDIOUS production news, a masterfully teased Christmas horror titled RED CHRISTMAS, Jared Leto as the vampire Lestat in the INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE reboot, an extremely promising new Spanish horror titled FRAMED, Jacob’s live reaction to THE EXORCIST TV show, and so much more. I mean it, we talk about a lot more stuff on this one.

All of that plus a horror trivia game that ends with slightly embarrassing results on episode 56 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen now!!!