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We’ve talked to some pretty huge names in the horror industry on this show, but this week’s guest felt special. Why? Because it’s one of YOU. That’s right, Modern Horrors Podcast listener Johnathan Watkins was in the neighborhood, and we decided it’d be a blast to shoot the proverbial shit with one of our own–And it was! So what are we talking about? I’m sure you can guess.

In what might be the biggest news of the decade, John Carpenter is returning to the HALLOWEEN universe with Blumhouse productions. We weigh in on some of the rumors surrounding the project as well as some potential directors. Then we switch gears to review THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR, which hits home video on June 7th.

All of that plus distribution news from some very promising indie projects, a rousing round of #Quizbowl, and so much more on episode 57 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. LISTEN NOW!