It’s a day late, but we don’t short you on content! We’ve got a full crew and plenty of announcements, including the first ever official shirt of the podcast (which can be found at So let’s dive in.

Have you heard of the KNOXVILLE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL? Well you should have, because not only is there a fantastic lineup of films, your favorite podcast crew will be there. And speaking of festivals, we give our initial impressions of some shorts hitting the circuit which include THE CLEANSING HOURSANDMAN, and AGATHA.

After the break we jump right back in with Marcus Dunstan’s THE NEIGHBOR, which is available now on VOD. Opinions are split, so is it worth your hard earned money? Finally, after a few too many beers, we try our hands at the Match Game. Can any of us come up with a reasonable answer? Find the answer to that and so much more in this episode of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Listen now!