In an attempt to get some sweet-ass video content to you guys, we decided to postpone the episode for a couple of days. Did we get that video content done?…Well, no. The good news is: WE’RE BACK! So what are we talking about?

Some folks passed out during a screening of RAW, DEAD AWAKE is taking on the terrors of sleep paralysis (but not with an underwhelming documentary), ANNABELLE 2 has its first teaser, Netflix and Mike Flanagan are teaming up once again for GERALD’s GAME, killer A.I. attacks in FX’s BASILISK, awesome A.I writes a movie in IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, and we say bye bye to the BYE BYE MAN for the year.

All of that plus a full review of Rob Zombie’s 31, a round of TWO GUYS ONE CUP, and so much more on episode 71 of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Subscribe now, and spread the word!