It’s been a hell of a week for the horror community, so it’s only logical that your friends from the Modern Horrors Podcast weigh in and try to make sense of it all. So what’s going?

Dread Central, an OG of online horror publications, is threatening close to calling it quits if they don’t get Patreon supporters. And while there may be a bit more to the story than that, the decision has sparked a very important conversation within the community. It’s a bummer, but they’re not the only ones suffering. Mike Flanagan has been struggling with the release of BEFORE I WAKE for what feels like an eternity, and he’s finally had enough. Netflix drops a surprise original series on everyone’s ass with THE OA, the filmmakers behind Uncaged are back and better than ever with PLEDGE, and Brooklyn gets their very own Giallo tribute with PSYCHOTIC! 

All of that plus a full review of COUNTER CLOCKWISE (spoiler discussion at end of episode), another round of #ASKMODERNHORRORS, and so much more on episode 84 of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Subscribe, share, and listen!