Who knew The Omen franchise still had so much left to be explored?  The original 1976 film spawned two sequels, a 2006 remake, and currently has a television show airing on A&E, simply titled Damien, following the (now adult) Antichrist.  The franchise also extended to a series of five novels, the first three of which were novelizations of their film counterparts.

Now THR is reporting that 20th Century Fox is negotiating with Antonio Campos, an indie filmmaker recently known for Sundance film Christine, to direct the supernatural horror prequel, currently titled The First Omen. David Goyer and Kevin Turen are set to produce under their Phantom Four banner.

The original starred Gregory Peck as an ambassador who comes to believe that his 5-year-old son may be the living embodiment of the Antichrist. Considering the original began with a kindergarten aged Antichrist, and history of Damien’s birth is downright bizarre, I suspect we’ll get to see an expanded story behind the conception of the Antichrist.  Perhaps they should just rename the film Rosemary’s Baby? Fun fact: Mia Farrow played Damien’s nanny in the 2006 remake. This is all speculation, however.

As of now, though, plot details are under wraps.  We’ll report back as we know more.

The omen 1976