Remember the internet before Facebook selling your data for targeted political ads, cryptocurrency, and divisive social media feuds with family members? There were videos circulated via email that forced viewers to play close attention, leading to a loud noise and jump scare. There’s a generation of people who are suspicious when someone wants you to watch something. #SCREAMERS explorers where these videos originated and find something sinister at their core.

#SCREAMERS is a found-footage film following a group of internet gurus who are investigating the authenticity of a series of those jump-scare videos. However, what started as an effort to find the creative minds behind the videos, leads to some frightening discoveries.

In our hyper-connected internet world, we consume content at an unprecedented pace from unknown creators all over the world. #SCREAMERS stops and tries to dig deeper while wrapping the premise in horror. Everyone has seen those trite, jump-scare videos—but what if there is something more behind them.

#SCREAMERS stars Tom Malloy (co-writer and producer as well), Chris Bannow, Griffin Matthews, Emanuela Galliussi, Abbi Snee, and Theodora Miranne. Dean Ronalds directs. The movie hits select theaters April 5 before hitting VOD April 17. #SCREAMERS is from Dread Central Presents.

Two Internet gurus investigate the authenticity of a series of #Screamers videos. As they unravel the source of the mysterious videos, they uncover something far more sInternet Gurus Tom Brennan and Chris Grabow know what sells on the internet. They’ve built their viral video site into a money-making machine, primarily by providing the audience with web #Screamers – videos that distract the audience then scare them to death. When the two internet gurus investigate the authenticity of a series of these viral videos, they uncover something far more sinister and terrifying about the people behind them.