Sometimes, to move forward, you should celebrate where you’ve been.

This week, the AMC network’s fantastic on-demand service SHUDDER is helping Horror fans do just that. Starting now, subscribers can stream some of the most popular of Universal Studio’s creature classics. All the names are here: DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, THE WOLF MAN, THE MUMMY, THE INVISIBLE MAN and THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Each of these films helped define the genre and introduce the world to the monsters we revere to this day. Some of these stories have been remade again and again, but however you feel about the remakes or the sequels, if you’re like me, you still hold these originals close to your warm, Horror-loving heart.

Universally known as the Universal Monster Collection, it essentially celebrates those decades between the 1920s and the 1950s when the Southern California studio adapted both classic literature and original content into successful horror franchises.

Each one of these pictures is a welcome step back in time for film-lovers and an excellent introduction to the next generation of Horror fan. So, turn down the lights and settle in. Whether you’re by yourself, with your sweetie or with the entire family, the spirits of Halloween would be proud.

For more on the series and the wonderful folks at SHUDDER, visit them here. Laboratory and lightning not included.