The team behind the cult-classic Wolfcop (Review) is back with all the violence, practical effects, and trademarked humor that you’ve come to expect. Their newest film, SUPERGRID, feels like Mad Max meets The Walking Dead, but in a good way. The trailer shows us a desolate future where humans desperately avoid a face-melting, literal, black plague.

Filmed on location in Saskatchewan, the film features the return of Leo Fafard (presumably sans werewolf makeup). Marshall Williams, probably best known for his role on Glee, joins Fafard, along with Saskatchewan-native Natalie Krill (Molly’s Game, Wynonna Earp). Back in the director’s chair is Lowell Dean, this time joined by co-writers T.R. McCauley and Justin Ludwig, both of whom worked on the production crew for Wolfcop.

The story behind SUPERGRID feels far more grounded than “the team that brough you Wolfcop” might lead you to believe. However, Dean still manages to squeeze in moments of levity if the the trailer is any indication. Distributor Raven Banner plans to introduce the film at Cannes next week, but, personally, we can’t wait to curl up in front of the big screen with a box of liquor donuts and check it out ourselves!

In the near future, a young smuggler is forced to make a run on the road that took the life of his younger sister.