#TBT The 10 years later retrospective series will look back at films released a decade ago. Every Thursday, we will look at the initial impact of the film. But, more importantly we will see if the film deserves some dusting off, or if it deserves to stay in that DVD case you have stored under your bed. So sit back, relax, and take a ride back to the past. To kick off our 10 years later series we will start with the 2005 remake, House of Wax.

Synopsis: A group of unwitting teens are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit. The remake of House of Wax was definitely a product of its time. Released in the summer of 2005, the film grossed roughly $35 million at the box office. This was smack dab in the middle of the Hollywood horror remake renaissance. Every horror title under the sun was getting a remake/reboot/reimagine (whatever the hell you call it), and the Vincent Price classic was no exception.


Starring in the flick were actors and celebrities that were the definition of early millennium celebrity. Chad Michael Murray (a then teenage heart throb on One Tree Hill, among many other Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan chick flicks) and Elisha Cuthbert (Girl Next Door) headlined the film. This was also one of the debut flicks for Jared Padalecki, a now reigning scream king (Supernatural, Friday the 13th, Cry Wolf, Room 401). Another star “acting” in the film was Paris Hilton. Hilton essentially played herself in the film, but her limited screen time surprisingly didn’t effect the quality of the flick. Her character’s death was also a major aspect of the movie’s marketing campaign, luring audiences to “See Paris Die”.

The initial critical response to the film was not very strong. Many brushed it off as a pointless remake with an airhead star. Ten years later, I must say that watching the film was very enjoyable. The acting is solid ( yes, even for Hilton who plays herself). The scares and gore prove to hold up as very entertaining… including the cringe worthy achilles heel cut. The special effects and CGI might look slightly dated at times, but it doesn’t truly hinder the viewing. The My Chemical Romance soundtrack will take you back to the good ole’ days, while the John Ottman score provides creepy ambiance.

Final thoughts on House of Wax: Overall, I would recommend giving House of Wax a re-watch. The flick is entertaining and, in my opinion, still holds up 10 years later. In the words of Paris Hilton “That’s Hot”.

Bonus: While doing a little research for this look back, I landed upon an MTV reality series that covered the making of this film. Movie Life: House of Wax included some really cool behind the scenes coverage on the making of the film, including the controversy when the entire wax set burned to the ground in the middle of production! Below is the first episode, you can catch the rest on youtube.

Are there any films you would like to see us cover on our next #tbt 10 years later retro? Be sure to comment below!