Crowdfunding is all over the place today. People looking to finance their dream job, side-project, or artistic art form have several avenues when it comes to looking for funding. Thanks to the internet, anyone, anywhere with an idea and passion can find like-minded people who want to support the work of others – which is what the creators of THE BLDG: FIVE STORIES OF HORROR are trying to do for their anthology. 

The stories, which all center around the same location – a creepy New York City building – will feature a cast of recurring characters in this supernatural anthology series. The creators say the movie pulls inspiration from famous movies such as BLACK SABBATH and ROSEMARY’S BABY as well as other horror anthologies such as V/H/S and XX.

The creators are also taking a different approach to funding – which is through Seed&Spark’s Communal Nightmares rally that looks to fund genre creators. Creators compete for an additional $25,000 in funding if they succeed in raising a minimum of $7,500 in contributions and 1,000 campaign followers. They will also win an opportunity to present their film to a jury that includes producers from IT FOLLOWS and CREEP. 

To entice potential contributors, the team behind THE BLDG: FIVE STORIES OF HORROR produced a short teaser for the first of their five segments. It’s called In The Bowls of the Building. It’s about an aged janitor who must fight off an infections goo. The teaser is short but very well done. 

If you want to donate, you can do so here. As of this writing, the team has earned over $10,000 in funding. However, they lack followers. They have eight days left to reach their follower goal, so give the creators some love. There are several perks such as a digital zombification photo or an appearance as an extra in the film. The creators are also selling their souls for just $66. You can check out the teaser trailer below.