Casting news for IT: CHAPTER TWO has been slowly trickling in. The kids in part one had such strong performances that any casting choice for their adult counterparts were going to have to be homeruns. Luckily for director Andy Muschietti and fans alike, it looks like we’re getting just that. Not only is this a strong cast, but several of these choices were on people’s “dream list”. Let’s take a look at who we have so far.

One of the first names to pop up after part 1 of IT was Jessica Chastain, and that’s exactly who we’re getting to play the elder of Sophia Lillis.

The mantle of unofficial leader of the Losers Club is being donned by the very talented James McAvoy. He will be taking the reigns from Jaeden Lieberher.

The hypochondriac will be played by James Ransone, who is himself no stranger to the genre. At first glance, you might think him and Jack Dylan Grazer are actually related.

What better way to cast the wise cracking friend than to cast a real life jokester? Bill Hader takes over for Finn Wolfhard. Beep beep.

‘Here and Now’ star Andy Bean is the group’s new skeptic as the grown up version of Wyatt Oleff.

As of the time of writing, we are still waiting on the casting announcement of Mike and Ben. An A team has already been assembled for IT: CHAPTER TWO, so I have no doubt that those two roles will be equally exciting when they are filled.