Big news this week. We numbered the episode correctly! It’s the little things in life. This episode is going to be a bit different. With no good options for a movie review, we decided to have a little fun and just ramble on for a bit. It starts off in the horror genre, but we venture into some other things we’ve been watching. But first, the news!

Love it or hate it, the SUSPIRIA remake gets a release date. Jordan Peele’s newest project, US, drops a poster so naturally we use our amateur skills to analyze it. MURDER ME, MONSTER is a creature feature making a splash at Cannes and we’re hoping that the hype is real. And the monster. For trailers we check out FERAL and SICK FOR TOYS. There is some stuff to like and to be concerned about in both. Quick reminder that we’ll be featured guest at HYPERICON in Nashville July 6-8th, and a bit of surprise news to boot.

After the break, we hop right back into things by doing just what the episode title suggest. Ramble. We’ve got a heads up on unfinished future release FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE, talk about the insanity of the Netflix docuseries EVIL GENIUS, and even dip into a passionate discussion of YouTube Red’s COBRA KAI. Episode 147 has it all, except for your usual structure! Tune in and share with a friend.