The characters on Game of Thrones aren’t the only ones winter is coming for.

Button up your coats because Modern Horrors is happy to share the trailer and poster for The Snowman, a horror-thriller starring none other than Michael Fassbender, the hard-working German/Irish heartthrob who’s starred in everything from Alien: Covenant and X-Men: First Class to 12 Years a Slave and MacBeth.

Before you giggle about a flick called The Snowman, you should know it’s directed by Tomas Alfredson, the Swedish talent who gave us Let the Right One In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I’m even more excited that this chiller is based on one of the crime novels written by Norwegian novelist, Jo Nesbø. To date, his books have sold over 3 million copies and have been translated into over 40 languages. The Snowman is another in his series his tales starring Harry Hole, a brilliant but tormented alcoholic Police Officer with the Oslo Crime Squad.

The story has Hole examining the abduction of women in Norway, each of them murdered in a grisly and similar way. The victims vanish after the first snowfall and a snowman is either found near the scene or incorporated into the killers ghastly M.O.

Joining Fassbender in The Snowman are Rebecca Ferguson (LIFE), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Melancholia), and J.K. Simmons (Whiplash, Juno).

Kicking up the creep and cool factor is the addition of Massive Attack’s Voodoo in my Blood as background music for the trailer. Theaters will be chilled on October 20th, 2017.