60 episodes? It’s hard to believe that we’ve actually been responsible enough to make that happen–and to celebrate–we’re pounding some beers! Okay, maybe they’re just leftovers from Jacob’s vacation, but we’ll indulge all the same. So what are we getting into?

First off, we’re planning a SECOND podcast this week due to all of the gaming news heading out of E3 this year. We hope to have that in your ears by Sunday/Monday, and it’ll be almost ALL gaming related. As for this show… it’s a doozy.

We’re talking about the music group/performance art project ITCHY-O and their particular brand of organized chaos, a new horror/western that’s focused around the goddamn Yeti in UNBEATEN PATH, the unfortunately awesome trailer for Rob Zombie’s 31, the undeniably awesome trailer for Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS, and a new creepy tale of time travel from our friends at Artsploitation called COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

All of that plus a full review of SHORTWAVE, a fantastic new game that I like to call THE NAME GAME, and so much more on episode 60 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen now and share with your friends!