Director Scott Schirmer just announced his follow-up to HARVEST LAKE, and while we know next to nothing about it beyond the title, it looks like he and his crew have gone back to the woods. It’s called PLANK FACE, and we’ve got nothing to go on but a couple of stills for now. Much like HARVEST LAKE, it looks like some rural weirdness.

This is the second film from the recently formed Bandit Motion Pictures, which is an endeavor from Schirmer and DP Brian K. Williams (TIME TO KILL) to “collaborate on the development, production, distribution, and licensing of their own independent films” with a dedication to “low and micro-budget filmmaking, working within many different genres but with a frequent emphasis on horror and hard-edged dramas,” in their words. Bandit has a stated goal of releasing two films per year.

Regardless of how you feel about their work (personally, I’m a big fan of Schirmer’s FOUND and HARVEST LAKE), you’ve gotta respect the duo’s indie filmmaking spirit and work ethic. Instead of folding when their last micro-budget flick lost the piracy battle just before its official release a couple months ago, these guys released it ahead of schedule on Vimeo and quickly went back out to make another movie, which is already almost done.

A trailer for PLANK FACE will launch on June 27 along with a pre-order Indiegogo campaign. Right now, they’re trying to raise awareness for the project with a couple of stills. Whatever your first impression is of these, something tells me (based on Schirmer’s previous films) that the film itself will be anything but conventional.