Ladies and Gentlemen, this episode of The Modern Horrors Podcast is brought to you while under extreme duress. The entire Middle Tennessee area is under a Clown Watch. Yes, a motherfucking Clown Watch. Yet somehow, someway–we were able to avoid the goofy bastards in clown outfits and deliver the show in the exact same way that you’re accustomed to. It was tricky, but we pulled it off. So what are we talking about now that we have risked life and limb?

Well, it looks like Old Man Carpenter is back on the rampage. This time he’s firing shots at the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Rob Zombie himself. Also, in a series of moves that should surprise no one, Paramount has delayed (again) the theatrical release of RINGS as well as the next chapter in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. Lastly, we have a look at the latest horror anthology PATIENT SEVEN that might actually be decent… maybe.

All of that, plus a full review of TELL ME HOW I DIE, a spirited round of BULLSHIT, and so much more on episode 73 of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Subscribe now, and share it with all of your horror-loving friends!