Valentine’s Day is the day where love and relationships are glorified beyond belief; not to mention movies and hallmark commercials set unrealistic expectations for couples everywhere. If you’re single, everything on TV will remind you that you’re not getting that special necklace or the big bouquet of flowers that normally cost 20 dollars but is now magically 40. But don’t worry–we’re not here to give you guys a list of vomit inducing cutesie rom-coms; instead, we are giving you a list of movies that shed light on the abnormalities of relationships.

Hopefully reading and viewing these movies will help you not make these mistakes in your current or next relationships. We’ve given you a list for Valentine’s Day before, but here are ten other movies you can enjoy on this Hallmark holiday.

Dysfunction addressed: When you fall too quickly for someone and trust them too easily. This one also addresses the fears of loneliness, obsession, and fixation in a relationship that will, at times, drive you to do crazy things.

Dysfunction addressed: Being in a toxic relationship where you’re in love with an absolute asshole. When your mind knows you need to leave and feel liberated, but your heart has other plans.

Dysfunction addressed: Falling out of love because your partner can no longer provide you the joy you once thought would never fade. Another issue addressed is having to change who you are to impress the one you love only to end up lonely in the end.

Dysfunction addressed: Carrying baggage and insecurities into a new relationship.

Dysfunction addressed: Being in a manipulative relationship where one partner has complete power over your mind and thoughts.