Once upon a time, we had only a small handful of classic holiday horrors to revisit year after year.  Now, holiday horror seems to be the popular trend.  More specifically, 2015 marks the year of Krampus.  It’s a wonder it took this long for Krampus to take center stage, but now that the anti-Claus is here it doesn’t seem he’ll be going anywhere any time soon.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, here are 5 Modern Horrors to get you in the holiday spirit:

Kristy 2
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, college student Justine remains behind on campus while everyone else rushes off to spend the holiday with their families. When she’s targeted by a group of outcasts, she must outwit and fight back if she wants to survive Thanksgiving. As Justine, Haley Bennett makes a formidable heroine that’s pleasantly intelligent for a survival horror film. While Kristy may not be groundbreaking, it’s suspenseful and a lot of fun. Catch this Thanksgiving set thriller now on Netflix.
A Christmas Horror Story
A Christmas themed horror anthology out for laughs, this horror-comedy takes place on Christmas Eve. William Shatner links the segments as a bourbon loving radio DJ, and the shorts run the gamut of iconic holiday themes. Read our review here. A Christmas Horror Story is available now on VOD.
slay belles 2
A trio of urban explorers stumble upon a showdown between Santa and Krampus when they decide to explore an abandoned theme park. Santa, who’s long retired and now lives as a wannabe biker, must team up with the ladies if they want to keep Christmas from Krampus’ grasp. Barry Bostwick as biker Santa is sure to make your abs hurt from laughing. This Spooky Dan directed horror comedy is scheduled for release just in time for the holidays.
Set on Christmas Eve, three college students decide to break in to a seemingly abandoned mansion to party, but their breaking and entering decision has deadly consequences. After a very well received festival run, this Christmas set thriller, written/directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, is scheduled for release on December 29.
Easily the most hotly anticipated holiday horror of the year, Michael Dougherty sets out to leave a mark on Christmas as he did on Halloween with 2007’s Trick r’ Treat. It’s clear from the trailer we can expect more of his stunning visual style and biting humor. This holiday outing sees a young boy unwittingly unleash Krampus upon his family in the midst of dysfunctional family clashing. Krampus is out in theaters December 4.