It's time again for one of our favorite film festivals here at Modern Horrors!

The Chattanooga Film Festival marks its 10th year this year and, for the first time since 2019, attendees can enjoy the festival in-person! While we love the virtual access that has bee provided the past few years, you simply cannot beat the experience of meeting and mingling with filmmakers and fellow movie fans face to face.

Whether you are near the Chattanooga area and able to enjoy some films with a live audience or checking in virtually from afar, we’ve got some suggestions to highlight on your festival going spreadsheet (am I the only one who makes a spreadsheet to make sure I don’t miss ANYTHING at festivals?). CFF is right around the corner, but it is not too late to get your passes and check out these (and many many more) great films!

Emotionally vulnerable women are preyed on by a charming psychopath who wants to suck their tears.

World Premiere
Deeply anchored in the real life horror of being a woman in a world full of dangerous men, Tearsucker looks absolutely chilling. This is a first feature for director Stephen Vanderpool and writer Sam Brittan (who also stars) and they will be in-person at the festival, along with actors Allison Walter and Danielle McRae Spisso.

After her daughter’s death in an accident, Miyabi gets a divorce, starts working as a call girl and moves in with her new boyfriend. In a meeting with a new customer, he asks to take a picture of her body — first her spine, then, her feet, and after that, he begins to photograph her every time they meet. One day, while at home, Miyabi feels a small hand touching her leg and soon realizes that every time she allows her body to be photographed she can feel her daughter’s spirit reaching closer and closer. Soon, only her eyes remain to be captured, leading to the outcome which defines this unique art-house fantasy from a culture-shocking Japanese voice.

Southeast Premiere
Described as a surrealist body horror, New Religion, takes on the evergreen question of “how far are you willing to go to connect with a lost loved one?” Visually stunning and emotionally haunting, this one is sure to linger in the back of your mind long after viewing. This is a first feature for writer/director Keishi Kondo and it has already been picked up for release by Screambox. Festival goers will be able to catch this one both in person and virtually.

One Halloween, blood was shed by the wearer of a parasitic mask cursed with black magic and bigotry. Sixteen years later, when Angel’s best friend is slaughtered by a killer with the same mask, they must overcome their personal struggles, fight their fear, and find the masked killer before he, or it, slaughters everyone they hold dear. Filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay made Bad Girl Boogey at just 17. The film is a gory throwback slasher with a very diverse cast and very representative of the trans community including filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay.

Last year at CFF we caught 21 year old writer/director Avalon Fast’s Honeycomb and thought “wow! How exciting to see work from such a young filmmaker!” Well move over 21 year olds, co-writer and director of Bad Girl Boogey, Alice Maio Mackay, was just 17 at the time of production! Getting a film over the finish line at such a young age is a feat in itself, but this one is already making waves on the festival circuit. This one looks to give us a traditional horror experience with a diverse cast and a modern spin. Bad Girl Boogey will stream as part of the virtual component of the festival.

Anya, an aspiring yoga influencer, embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother. She documents the practice on her YouTube channel for the world to watch, allowing her audience intimate access to her journey. But what starts as a spiritual self-help guide quickly evolves into something much more sinister. As Anya becomes obsessed with the mysterious power of the practice, she unwittingly unleashes an otherworldly entity that begins to take control of her life – and her videos. Now Anya must race to unlock the truth, before her descent into madness threatens to consume her mind, body and spirit. By the time she reveals the true nature of the ritual, will it be too late?

Haunted yoga? That’s a new concept! Mind Body Spirit combines the current movement of influencer horror with found footage as online yoga instructor Anya moves into her grandmother’s house and digs deep into the history of a woman she didn’t know very well. Followers watch as strange things begin to happen and Anya becomes more obsessed with the powers of her daily practice. This feature will be available to in person festival goers.

A desperate choice leads Jack down a path that leaves him beaten and bruised as he struggles against man, nature, and his own insanity.

No one combines bleak and sun soaked quite as masterfully as the Australians. Beaten To Death is an absolutely devastating illustration of how one choice can not only destroy your life, but also make it painful in every imaginable way. Incredibly violent and unflinchingly gory, Beaten To Death does not let up at any point of its run time. This one may be a bit extreme for some fans, but if it is your jam you’ll be able to catch it with your virtual CFF badge.

1976, Brian de Palma directs Carrie, the first novel by Stephen King. Since then, more than 50 directors have adapted the master of horror’s books, in more than 80 films and series, making him the most adapted author still alive in the world. King On Screen reunites filmmakers that have adapted Stephen King’s books for cinema and TV.

While we’re always here for the scares and the splatter, we also love a good documentary! It’s hard to argue that Stephen King is one of the best writers to ever indulge in the genre and the sheer volume of his work that has been adapted to the screen can attest to that truth. With King On Screen director Daphné Baiwir guides us through the filmography by chatting with the filmmakers and stars that brought these works to life about the culture impact and their own experiences bringing King’s writing to life. Whether you are relatively unfamiliar with King’s work or a lifelong Constant Reader this documentary has something for everyone. King On Screen plays both in person and virtually.

Chattanooga Film Festival has over 40 feature length films lined up this year and several blocks of short films (bite size samples from up and comers and student filmmakers)! Beyond the films CFF is also known for its exciting lineup of special events and panels and this year is no exception. Fans catching the festival virtually can look forward to the annual Rustic Films screenplay pitch competition, multiple dispatches and commentaries from casts and crews, Children of the Night: Music and Horror Panel, deep dive panel on horror scores and a workshop on stretching a tight film budget presented by Tennessee Entertainment Commission. In person guests get to have the real fun with events like the infamous  CFF Boat Float hosted by Jonah Ray and a one man show from horror novelist Grady Hendrix.

Chattanooga Film Festival runs in person from June 22nd to June 24th and virtually from June 23rd to June 29th. You can get all the information you need as well as passes to see EVERYTHING here: