Between films like Escape from Cannibal Farm, The House of Violent Desire, Winterskin, and the upcoming The Barge People, chances are high that you know all about writer/director Charlie Steeds and his particular blend of Horror.

Never one to shy away from buckets of blood or challenging subject matter, Steeds recently traveled to our home state of Tennessee for his latest project–a 1970s “blaxploitation”-inspired splatterfest by the name of Death Ranch.

a 1970s “blaxploitation”-inspired splatterfest by the name of Death Ranch.

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days on set with Steeds and company and can confirm that this one is every bit as perverse and bloody as they claim. So when you hear the inevitable hype as release grows closer, know that Death Ranch is the real McCoy.

Death Ranch stars Deiondre Teagle, Faith Monique, Travis Cutner, and Scot Scurlock. Aaron Mirtes (Curse of the Nun, The Hunt) produces alongside Steeds, Jamie McLeod-Ross, and Charley McDougall for Dark Temple Motion Pictures and Empire Studios. A 2020 release is expected, but we’ll keep you posted with updates as they come our way. Stay tuned.

Plot Synopsis:

1970s USA–Three African American siblings on the run from the police take refuge at an abandoned Tennessee Ranch, unaware their hideout is on the hunting grounds of a cannibalistic Ku Klux Klan cult.

Trapped and tortured, the three must fight tooth and nail to escape alive and take down the bloodthirsty Klan!