If there’s anything I’ve learned from environmental horror movies it’s that if the fish and birds start dying, the humans better watch the fuck out. But what exactly is happening in The Block Island Sound?. The trailer doesn’t give us many clues, and although the title refers to a place, my first thought was “is this a sonic weapon or experimentation situation?”. Either way, there’s only one guy who sees what’s happening and, naturally, everyone thinks he’s crazy.

If the fish and birds start dying, the humans better watch the fuck out

The trailer sets us up for a tense and foggy story of a tight knit fishing community not ready to admit that something is very, very wrong. We see people start to unravel and are left to wonder if it is fear, or something even more sinister, tearing at their sanity.

The Block Island Sound premiers at Fantasia Fest on August 28th, 2020.

Something terrifying is happening off the coast of Block Island. A strange force is thriving, influencing residents and wildlife alike. Birds are dropping out of the sky. Some people have been dropping too, into inexplicable emotional collapse. Harry Lynch (Chris Sheffield, THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT) has always been a bit of an outsider in town. Now, he watches in dread as his father (Neville Archambault, 13 CAMERAS) grows increasingly forgetful and confused. And angry. Very, very angry. His sister Audry (Michaela McManus, THE VILLAGE), whose work in marine biology will soon prove invaluable, returns to town with her daughter and immediately sees what Harry sees. Her explorations into the increasingly grisly wildlife phenomena intersects with the triggers of her father’s actions, leading them all towards chilling revelations that no one is prepared for. Revelations that will affect her family in unimaginable ways.