Those of you that frequent the Modern Horrors podcast know that I’m somewhat notorious for quickly deleting press emails with less than promising titles or eye-catching imagery–and for obvious reasons–Mad Heidi nearly met a similar fate as so many other “so bad they’re good” sort of movies. So what saved it?

Mad Heidi knows exactly what it is, and to my surprise, the cast and crew far surpass what you would expect in such a; well, stupid movie. There’s death by chocolate, real Swiss Army knives, and even what they’re calling “fondu boarding”. It’s offensive as hell, and I can’t wait to see more.

The team is collecting funds to get the actual film off the ground, but they’re approaching crowdfunding in a unique way that, they say, puts “fans first”. They’re allowing folks to purchase “Heidi bonds” in order to support the film. They idea is that staying off of popular crowdfunding platforms will allow them to keep more of the funding for the production itself as opposed to platform fees. They also claim that they will not accept external funding from a company unless they’re okay with the “fans first” concept which would allow them to give online screeners and such to those that supported the film when it mattered most. It’s mighty noble for a group of filmmakers that pioneered fondu boarding. Valentin Greutert, who has been producing films in Switzerland for 15 years,  had this to say of the production:

Mad Heidi is diametrically different from what is commonly known about Swiss film: politically incorrect, funny, bloody – and the project is to be produced together with an international fan base. It’s great to work on a film like that, because it breaks new ground not only in content but also the ways of financing and distribution”, says Valentin Greutert, who has been producing films in Switzerland for 15 years.”

Check out the (glorious) concept trailer below, and know that the finished product can only look better. Doesn’t that kind of blow your mind?

Plot Synopsis:

In the near future the world is sinking into war and chaos, but Switzerland has sealed itself off as an island of the rich and happy. An egocentric heir of a multi-billionaire cheese empire is ruling the country with an iron fist to maintain an artificial postcard-image of Switzerland.When Heidi is abducted by the brutal government troops, she must defend herself and fight her war against the cheese-fueled hatred machinery.