Calling Eli Morgan Gesner a successful man would be a massive understatement. He’s a skater, a multiple business owner, a fashion designer, an artist, and now – a feature filmmaker. The man with absolutely nothing left to prove sat down with us at Modern Horrors to discuss his feature film debut titled CONDEMNED [Review], discuss why he got into film making, and some surprisingly creative practical FX work. Check it out:

You’ve worn many hats over the years, but you’re not exactly known for making movies – much less horror films. What made you take the plunge into film making, and why a horror film for your feature debut?
Well I gotta tell you, you’d never know this was a directorial debut. Not only is CONDEMNED well shit, but it’s super stylish. Why do you think that is?
One of the things that really stood out to me was the use of practical effects. With so many indie projects opting for CGI these days, was keeping things practical a conscious effort?
That sounds absolutely insane!… and fairly genius. Can you tell us more about that process and creating that shot?

That’s it! Be sure to check out CONDEMNED [Review] in theaters starting today. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on when the film hits DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD in the future. Stay tuned!