One of the hardest things about owning a pet is deciding when it’s time to put it down. Old age and endless suffering are not pleasant for the animals we love like family, and keeping them alive for our happiness is cruel and selfish. That’s why the premise of EUTHANIZER so interesting. 

You have a man who runs a black-market operation euthanizing animals. It’s 2018; everyone has a side hustle to pay the bills. But this wouldn’t be a movie if things didn’t go south for the main character Veijo. His life slowly spirals out of control when he’s paid to euthanize an animal and fails to complete the job. Then the client finds out. 

EUTHANIZER looks bleak and unrelenting, even if the budget feels a tad tiny in some place. However, it looks like a compelling story and interesting characters will overcome those budgetary shortfalls. 

EUTHANIZER hits select theaters July 20 before hitting VOD services August 7. Check out the trailer below.

Veijo runs a black-market operation euthanizing people’s ailing pets to make extra money. It is clear he has dark secrets, but only after meeting a young nurse and a seedy mechanic (who’s mixed up with a vicious gang of neo-Nazis) that Veijo’s carefully balanced, albeit deranged, life begins to show cracks. Things turn to the extreme when Veijo does not finish a job he was paid to and his client finds out…in this grungy exploitation throwback.