With just a little over a week left until the launch of Playstation VR, now is the time for all you virtual reality enthusiasts to lose it. Known as Project Morpheus in its early developmental stages back in 2014, PS VR offers a new and innovative way to game. As quoted by the man himself, Shuhei Yoshida (President of Sony Interactive Entertainment), “Our goal with VR is to deliver a sense of presence, making the player feel as though they’ve stepped inside the world of game”.

When I saw the VR headset up close and personal at E3, my initial thought was how much more extreme and horrifying horror game will be. I definitely see this as a device that will push boundaries of genre games. It’s one thing to be playing the game on your TV, but it’s another situation entirely to actually be a character in one. The PS VR will be launching on October 13 with the price tag of $399. Here are 10 horror games for PS VR that you won’t want to miss.

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: January 24, 2017

If you’re a horror fan and a gamer then you’ve heard of the Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, takes place in modern day after the events that occurred in Resident Evil 6. There will be few links to the previous games, but this one follows a completely new storyline and characters. The plot is simple: the main character, Ethan is looking for his missing wife when he ends up in the abandoned plantation mansion that belongs to the Bakers. The set apart here is that Ethan doesn’t have the acquired combat skills that previous game characters possessed.

Developer: Supermassive Games

Release Date: October 13, 2016

*PlayStation VR exclusive*

Until Dawn took the world by storm last year. The gameplay is similar to that of Quantic Dream games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, but the difference in Until Dawn is that the rush is amplified since in most scenarios you have mere seconds to make a decision that will either save or end a character’s life.

Now with the launch of VR, Supermassive Games has stricken again with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. However, the gameplay for this seems completely different from the original game. Rest assured there will be some decision making throughout, but this one is more of an arcade shooter. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will be available to buy October 13 alongside the PS VR launch.

Developer: Tangentleman

Release Date: October 13, 2016

*PlayStation VR exclusive*

It’s always great to see dev companies coming up with something unique and innovative. Developed by Tangentleman, this PlayStation exclusive game is about a man following a mysterious woman while going through a sequence of terrifying imagery. This doesn’t look like your typical horror game filled with jump scares. Instead, this looks more like something straight out of your nightmares. It looks downright scary. The game is set to release October 13 alongside PS VR. You can read more about Here They Lie here.

Developer: Phosphor Games Studio

Release Date: October 13, 2016

The Brookhaven Experiment has been out on HTC Vive for some time now, and on October 13 it will be available on PS VR. This is a horror shooter game where you’re fighting zombie-like creatures. Based on the trailer alone, this looks like the old school Doom games. So if that’s your style of game, you might want to consider The Brookhaven Experiment.

Developer: Dreadlock

Release Date: TBA

If you’re into ghost hunting shows, or just ghost in general, then this is probably your dream come true. Ghost Theory is about ghost hunting adventures where you, the main character, will be exploring real life haunted location from all around the world. The ghost hunter will be using gadgets such as EMF readers and UV lights to track down clues and discoveries. The fact that the developers use real haunted locations will make this gaming experience that much more interesting. No set release date has been given but you can preorder the game here.

Developer: Totwise Studios

Release Date: TBA

The trailer for Abduction drew me in instantly so I can’t even begin to imagine playing this on VR. You will be playing as Holly Sanders who is living alone with her son after the mysterious disappearance of her husband. Now what seems like a peaceful night turns into a disaster when her house is invaded by aliens. What sets this one apart from the rest of the VR games is this seems like a very story driven game which is hard to find nowadays. After having trouble with actually making this game happen Totwise studio has confirmed that all is well, although no set release date has been given yet.

Developer: Robot Invader

Release Date: TBA

This mystery/thriller takes place at a crime scene where you’ll be solving the murder case of an old man. You will be diving into his past to solve the mystery of his death and (hopefully) escape before you become the next victim. This also seems story driven which adds value to the game. Dead Secret is already available on Samsung Gear VR, Rift, and Vive and it’s set to release on PS VR  in the near future.

Developer: Gattai Games

Release Date: TBA

Using sound technology to maneuver around the game makes Stifled the most interesting out of the bunch. If you panic, they can hear you… literally.  I had the honor to play the game at E3, and let me tell you, regardless of its simplistic nature, you will be drawn in. The style is best described on the game’s Twitter account as “a mic-enabled, sound-based stealth horror game where sound is the only way you see, and they HEAR your fear.” Stifled is aiming to release early 2017; however, no set release date has been announced just yet.

Developer: ROI Games

Release Date: TBA

White Day made its debut back in 2001 in Korea. The developers were working on releasing the game in English in the western region in 2004, but the plan never went through. Back in 2015 ROI Games announced that the game is getting remastered, and now it’s set to release on PS VR internationally. So what is White Day about? Well, in short, it’s a horror game that takes place in a haunted school. The original is proven to be a cult classic and a game that delivered multiple scares. While the VR announcement has been made, no release date has been given to the game.

Developer: VRwerx

Release Date: TBA

paranormal-activityJust when you thought the Paranormal Activity movies had nothing new to offer, they hit us with Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul aka Paranormal Activity VR. There’s barely any info as to what the game or story will be like, but if it’s anything like the movies then you’ll probably be exploring strange occurrences in your house. The game is aiming to release in 2016, but nothing’s promised at this point.