Have you been enjoying our special editions of HORROR AND CHILL?  I know I have!  As we plow through the middle of October, I’ve decided it is time to bring a bit of brutality into your lives.  Here you’ll find movies that will reach deep down into your souls and kick em’ hard in the no-no spots.  These are movies that will have you and your date holding on to each other, just begging for the comfort of another human being.  You’re going to have a great time, but at what cost?  At…what…cost?

I’m also hijacking this post for a moment to wish my son a Happy Birthday!  He turns 1 this weekend and one day I can point him to this post and show him he never stood a chance.  Love ya, buddy!

So, What Do I Drink?

Anything you want!

These movies are hardcore and you’re going to want a strong drink.  The strongest drink you can possible handle.  But, the problem is that you might be in so much shock that you stop paying attention and you hand goes slack!  We can’t have any party fouls, especially not during a HORROR AND CHILL date.  That would just be wrong…

OK..but what do I do?

You use a sippy cup of course!  They’re not just for kids anymore!  They’ve got big ones, small ones, some that come with straws… no matter what, they have a top and that is what you need, brave souls!  Mix up your drink, pop it in the cup, throw the top on and you are set and ready to go.  Sure, you could use a Tervis tumbler or a Yeti, but what fun is that?  I know for a fact that drinking booze from a sippy cup works, as I’ve personally used this method in the past.  Don’t worry, they’re cheap, but you should keep them around for your more…jumpy guests.


What to watch?

MARTYRS is everything this post is about, and more.  The tale of two women quickly slips into pure terror.  You’ll find gruesome torture, depravity, soul wrenching visuals and no happy endings.  You should definitely have an overnight bag packed because you’ll spend the night holding each other, not wanting to be alone with your thoughts.  Believe me, you’ll be happy you have that sippy cup full of strong booze.  MARTYRS isn’t for those with a heart condition, history of fainting or those with…eh hem…loose bowels.

Cannibal Holocaust

What to watch?

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST may not be the first, but it is definitely the most famous soul crushing film out there.  This movie is so insane that the director was arrested and put on trial because Italian authorities thought it was a snuff film.  Not only that, but to this day the director wishes he had never made it.  Animal lovers beware, there are some very very real animal deaths caught on film here.  I don’t mean that they look real, I mean that the animals were actually killed on film.  Rape, murder, human depravity at its worst…these are the things that await you and you love if you take the journey through the Amazon.  Good luck.


What to watch?

HEADLESS is a Kickstarter success story!  And that is where the good feelings end.  How do you feel about murder?  Cannibalism?  You’re OK with those right?  Well, how about Necrophelia?  Yea… don’t see that too often.  You’ll watch the killer go from bad to worse as his depraved insanity goes deeper and deeper and he literally and figuratively consumes the lives of those around him.  Again, not for the faint of heart, but at least you’ll get to spend the night with your boo du jour…thought it’ll mostly be holding each other, saying “It’ll be OK..” and crying.

Landmine Goes Click

What to watch?

I’ve recommended LANDMINE GOES CLICK on HORROR AND CHILL before, and while it will be the least visually destructive film on this list, it will be the most emotionally distressing.  This isn’t your traditional horror flick, but boy does it make you feel, and make you want to stop feeling…forever.  You may not want to hold each other after this one, to be honest, but you’ll have a couple of sippy cups of strong booze in ya, so who knows, chill could still happen!

Well everyone, I’m sorry for what these movies are going to do to you.  Just remember though, there is a little boy turning 1 this weekend, and that should bring some joy back into your hearts!  Make sure you let us know on Twitter and Facebook that you’ve been up to some #HorrorAndChill! Seeya next weekend for more movies, more drinks, and more good times!