October is coming to a close and this upcoming week includes that all important day of Horror…HALLOWEEN!  This week, HORROR AND CHILL is bringing you picks from the Modern Horrors family!  We’ve got thrills, chills, maybe some spills if you aren’t careful (you still have your sippy cup right?).  You’ve gotta invite someone really special over to share these picks with.  Next week we’ll be back to regular ol’ HORROR AND CHILL, but for now… sit back, relax and enjoy our STAFF PICKS EDITION!  Oh, and…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Jacob Hopkins

What to watch?

Jacob has selected JUG FACE for your viewing pleasure!  It was filmed in his home state of TN and, someone else had already selected his first choice of movie.  Not a bad flick for second string if you ask me!  Pregnant teen, backwoods hill people, sacrifices… sounds like a typical day in the life of Jacob Hopkins to me!

What to drink?

Jacob has decided to make you work a bit for your drink!  To pair with JUG HEAD, he has selected THE BUSHWACKER.  Time to bust out that blender.  Yea, I know you just put it away since margarita season is over, but dust it off, plug it in and get ready to make a boozy milkshake!

1 oz Dark Rum

1 oz Kahlua

1oz Dark Creme de Cacao

2oz Cream of Coconut

2oz Milk

1 Cup Ice

Now stick it all in a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into a glass and stick a bendy straw in it!  Enjoy.

Luke Rodriguez

What to watch?

Well… Luke forgot to send me a pick, so his selection is THE LITTLE MERMAID!  It is Luke’s all time favorite movie.  He seriously never stops talking about it.  It’s absolutely crazy.  His house is filled with dinglehoppers, whose-its and whats-its galore.  Really wild man…

What to drink?

Luke would like you to enjoy a nice cup of tea with his favorite tale of love, loss and fish.  Pinkies up everyone!

Anthony Alaniz

What to watch?

INSIDE is the selection of Anthony, our newest member!  Judging from this pick, I’ve got to say we have some great things coming from this guy!  Sure, this is another movie about a pregnant woman on this list, but there are scissors and Christmas!  Well done, sir.

What to drink?

Anthony has decided you should drink two Long Island Iced Teas!  He specified two, so you better make two…EACH.  I’m sure you’ve been reading HORROR AND CHILL since the beginning, so you already have my recipe for a delicious Long Island…right?

Alex Stenger

What to watch?

Our friendly neighborhood guy who does video reviews on YouTube, Alex, has selected Kubrick/King’s immortal classic…THE SHINING! (THE SHINNING BOY, YOU WANT TO GET US SUED?!).  If you’ve watched Alex’s video reviews, you’ll notice the many SHINING posters/pictures in the background, so this one comes as no surprise.  Get your classic on!

What to drink?

Alex has selected ERDIGER HEFEWEIZEN for you to enjoy with THE SHINING!  For those unfamiliar, it is a wheat beer.  If you can’t find Erdiger specifically, just ask your friendly beer store clerk to point you in the direction of a fine wheat beer, and you’ll make do!

David Draper

What to watch?

David is a man after my own heart, and that is why he has chosen THE THING!  You’ve heard me gush about this movie at least once in HORROR AND CHILL, so I won’t do it to you again.  Just know… this one is awesome and if you haven’t watched it yet, please do…

What to drink?

David is going to bring a bit of class to these proceedings, so you’ll be drinking a Classic Vodka Martini.  The only stipulation is that the vodka has to be Swedish!  This is in honor of MacReady calling out Swedes when they visit the destroyed camp, though they were actuall Norwegian.  Previous H&C volumes have had a few martini recipes, so go grab one!

Aimee Wikum

What to watch?

Ok… it isn’t -really- horror, but I think this movie needs to be included in every October watch list.  Aimee has chosen… HOCUS POCUS!  The nostalgia is going to hit you hard, and maybe you just need a break from the day in and day out brutality of the movies you normally watch.  Go on…your inner child is calling!

What to drink?

Aimee has created a drink for you, though it has no name.  I shall call it… Bob.

1oz Bourbon

Apple Cider

Ginger Beer

1 Cinnamon stick

Jason Almenas

What to watch?

Another wonderful choice from Jason, you’re gonna want to watch ROSEMARY’S BABY!  I challenge you to hear the theme song start and not get excited to watch this often imitated, but never duplicated classic of Horror. I CHALLENGE YOU.

What to drink?

Jason is a man who knows what he likes, and what he likes is moonshine.  Peach moonshine to be exact!  You might think this is something crazy you can only get in the mountains, but moonshine is everywhere now!  Go on, pick up a few jars!

Mania Daniel

What to watch?

Mania has selected a modern classic, THE DESCENT, for your viewing pleasure.  This movie is sure to make you claustrophobic, so there might not be too much snuggling going on.  You will, however, get scared, so maybe that chill portion of the night will happen after all!

What to drink?

Fat Tire American Amber is Mania’s choice for a drink!  This should be readily available at most beer shops, but if not, any kind of red beer will do!  And that is beer that is red, not beer with tomato juice in it!  We aren’t savages…

Trev Allen

What to watch?

This movie actually came up a couple of times, but the first to grab it was Trev.  TRICK R TREAT is a favorite around the Modern Horror’s office (ok there isn’t an office…), and it definitely belongs on this list!  An anthology that intertwines around itself to deliver an amazing story within a set of stories?  If only there were a drink to match…

What to drink?

Oh wait..there is!  And Trev has even provided his very own recipe for a Voodoo Hurricane!  You’re gonna need a bucket…

Cruzan 9 Spice Rum

Bacardi 151

Vanilla Rum

Pineapple Juice

Orange Juice


Cruzan Black Strap

Grab your buckets and pour in equal amounts of 9 Spice rum, Vanilla rum, and if you’re brave, the 151.  Now, go heavy on the pineapple juice and light on the OJ.  Add a little grenadine for color and float some Cruzan Black Strap on top!  Stick a straw in this one, it’s done!

Finley Ash

What to watch?

Finley has gone with an appropriate choice, given his last name.  Up on deck is the original THE EVIL DEAD!  Say what you want about the sequels, this is the original and it deserves your respect!  The budget was tiny, the actors unknown, and still this stands the test of time as a classic!  Shop smart… shop S-Mart!

What to drink?

Since THE EVIL DEAD is a chilly kind of fall/winter movie, Finley has selected spiced cherry wine for you to enjoy!  Heat it up a bit and drink it warm like cider.  Sure, it might take some searching to find, but doesn’t that sound nice?  You, your weekend cuddle bunny, some warm wine, the Necronomicon…ah memories…

And there we have it, the last of our October special editions has come to a close!  Sure, this isn’t the entire MH family, but it is the ones who sent me a movie and drink pick!  You’ll notice you didn’t get one from me this week, but you’ll get plenty starting next week when we’re back with HORROR AND CHILL VOLUME 11! Make sure you let us know on Twitter and Facebook that you’ve been up to some #HorrorAndChill! Seeya next weekend for more movies, more drinks, and more good times!