Welcome one and all to lucky number 7!  That’s right boys and girls!  We’re ready to present to you the 7th volume of Modern Horrors’ HORROR AND CHILL!  No where else will you find such a delightful pairing of fantastic horror cinema with delicious alcoholic beverages.  Whether you’re a smooth Casanova or a stuttering Stanley you’re sure to get a date with the help of a little HORROR AND CHILL.  Go ahead, call up your favorite guy, gal, man, woman, werewolf, vampire or lover of any kind and invite them over for the time of their lives.


What to watch?

Ahh…I can already see the hate mail… Our Shudder pick of the week is none other than Rob Zombie’s 31!  This movie gets a lot of hate, which I feel is undeserved.  It is a whole lot of fun, has a great bad guy, some awesome kills and lots and lots of blood.  Oh, there is also a psychotic midget Hitler.  If you dig Rob Zombie, you’ll dig 31.  Just remember to have fun with it, enjoy the insanity and work your way into cuddling position!

What to drink?

31 is a pretty crazy movie, so you should get a little crazy too.  To pair with this fine midget Hitler infested flick, I’m going to teach you to make a Zombie!  This favorite of the tiki bar has a lot of booze, but goes down really smooth.  You’re going to feel tipsy, so maybe you should ask your date to stay the night.  Driving drunk is a big no-no and I’d hate to see anyone get hurt.

Light Rum

Dark Rum

Apricot Brandy

Bacardi 151

Lime Juice


Orange Juice

Add equal parts light rum, dark rum and apricot brandy into a glass with your desired amount of ice.  Now fill the glass with orange juice, leaving room for some lime juice.  Add a few splashes of grenadine and then float some Bacardi 151 on top.  Enjoy

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What to watch?

The Woman In Black is a period piece and also creepy as hell.  Daniel Radcliffe stars and does a great job reminding us he is more than Harry Potter.  This isn’t a hardcore gore fest or filled with insane scares.  This is the kind of movie you’re going to want to watch with that special someone who might not be as into horror as you are.  You want to get to chill this weekend?  Better ease your date du juor into the horror with The Woman In Black!

What to drink?

Old, drafty English countryside houses always remind me of Brandy for some reason.  The vision of some long forgotten minor Lord huddled under blankets, a fire in the fireplace and a brandy in his hand, warming him inside and out.  Tonight, you get to be that Lord!  Grab two brandy snifters for the Lord and Lady of the evening, seek out the finest brandy your local liquor establishment has to offer, and warm yourselves as you enjoy The Woman In Black!


What to watch?

As someone who has suffered from sleep paralysis, I can tell you how terrifying it can be.  BE AFRAID dives right in and brings that terror to the screen.  The movie isn’t particularly original, but it still manages to bring some scares, especially if you’re prone to sleep disorders.  You’re going to like this movie, and since neither of you is going to want to sleep tonight, you can chill ALL NIGHT LONG!

What to drink?

After watching a film about sleep paralysis, you’re going to want to stay awake.  That is why you’re gonna be drinking vodka and Redbull!  Grab yourself a couple Redbulls, a bottle of nice vodka (Chopin is a personal favorite), and some red solo cups!  Mix the vodka and heart exploding goodness of Redbull into your red solo cup with some ice and get ready to stay awake for BE AFRAID!


What to watch?

10 CLOVERFIELD LANE isn’t your standard horror fare.  This movie is psychological terror, and you’re never entirely sure what is true or not.  It isn’t gory or filled with demons, but it does have John Goodman in superb form.  This borderlines on the thriller genre, but I can guarantee that you and that PYT you’re sitting next to will be squeezing each other’s hands waiting to see what happens next!

What to drink?

No need to build it up, the drink to enjoy with 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE is beer!  It features in the movie and its delicious!  Remember that our characters will be drinking emergency shelter beer, so try not to grab anything too pricey.  Some Miller High Life, Blue Moon or go crazy and just grab that weird Slovakian beer in the back of the bottom shelf of your local beer store.  You know the one… covered in dust with a marmot on the label.  God speed, horror and chiller!

VOD and Blu-Ray

What to watch?

We recently got a pretty awesome looking trailer for INSIDIOUS 4, so what better way to celebrate than to watch the INSIDIOUS series of films?  Sure, you could just watch 1 movie, but what fun is that when you can watch 3?  INSIDIOUS and INSIDIOUS 2 are both really great examples of what modern horror can be.  INSIDIOUS 3 is pretty good…well…it sure was an INSIDIOUS movie!  You’re going to want to invite someone to HORROR AND CHILL with who won’t mind staying up all night watching a horror marathon and then staying up all night…ya know…chilling.

What to drink?

3 movies in one night?  You’re gonna need a drink that’ll keep you going!  You’re gonna need a drink that won’t kill you after a few hours of drinking it!  You, my dear readers, are gonna need some Wake County Coolers.  What is that you ask?  Why it’s iced tea and vodka of course!  Vodka is great for all night drinking and the caffeine in the tea will keep you awake!  Find the recipe below!


Sweetened Ice Tea (Southern Style)

Club Soda


Mix your desired amount of vodka with some sweet tea.  Squeeze a lemon wedge into the mixture and drop the wedge in.  Top off the glass with club soda and gently stir to mix.  Enjoy!

Volume 7 has come to a close and we’re rocketing through September.  Soon it’ll be October and we’ll have something really special for ya! Make sure you let us know on Twitter and Facebook that you’ve been up to some #HorrorAndChill!  Seeya next weekend for more movies, more drinks, and more good times!