It’s a new month, and that means we have some new selections for Netflix subscribers. Some of these may have been available in October, but were not included in our last update for one reason or another. These fellas range anywhere between “meh” and “nice!”, but are all worth a watch for those of us whos horror thirst simply cannot be quenched.



The Returned

It’s safe to say I hate Zombie movies. I also hate Zombie TV shows, Zombie memorabilia, and video games about Zombies. BUT – ‘The Returned’ is pretty damn cool. Its a high quality production that offers a “realistic” take on curing a Zombie outbreak. Think 2009’s Daybreakers…but with Zombies.



Back when I still watched complete movie trailers, this one hooked me in. Due to distribution troubles – I was forced to sit on the hype that I had created for myself for quite a while. By the time I saw the film – I was underwhelmed, but that’s due to my own expectations. It’s still a decent slasher thats shot and acted well enough to entertain.



I saw a gif circulating around from Antisocial for a while before it actually released, and it was pretty creepy. Turns out – the movie isn’t exactly “scary”, but it is “cool”. We follow a group of friends getting together for a party while the outside world is becoming more and more violent for an unknown reason. Soon enough, that violence spreads within the friends walls.



From the creator of The Strangers… this one seemingly came out of nowhere. I literally heard nothing about it until it was ready to be purchased. Its found footage, it has awesome sound design, and has some creepy moments. It tries to address some of the classic found footage holes, but isn’t entirely successful. Nevertheless, its worth a watch.


Witching Bitching

There is a great deal of fun to be had here. Don’t let the atrocious name and horrible box art throw you off. While it may be light on scares, it’s an insanely fun film about something I generally care nothing about.


Here Comes the Devil

It’s Spanish and has creepy kids involved. Hard to miss there. The fact that it opens with a particularly brutal scene is a bonus.


Butcher Boys

Kim Henkel keeps the spirit of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre alive in Butcher Boys. It has received pretty poor reviews everywhere, but take it for what it is and you should have a good time. It’s basically TCM… with a twist and an absolutely bat shit crazy ending.


Almost Human

I like movies about Aliens. A lot. Almost Human is a surprisingly graphic entry into the Alien horror sub genre. The story is a bit hit or miss, but I came away mostly satisfied.