I bet if you say the word Zodiac to anyone who grew up in California in the late 1960s and 1970s, particularly Northern California, the first thing that comes to mind will definitely not be Astrology. One of the most notorious, mystifying and still unidentified serial killers in American history, the Zodiac killer is known to have murdered five people and claimed to have killed dozens more. If that is not enough to make Californians lock their doors, they should realize this chilling case is still frighteningly open at the San Francisco, Vallejo, Napa and Riverside, California Police departments.

Dear Editor. This is the Zodiac speaking. – Letter to the Editor, August 4th, 1969

Horror fans know that the Zodiac killer and the taunting letters and cryptograms sent to law enforcement and city newspapers have inspired many true-crime novels, television shows and feature films over the decades. For me, two of the best have been the Scorpio character in the Clint Eastwood classic, Dirty Harry and of course, Director David Fincher’s 2007 picture, Zodiac.

Here at Modern Horrors we know it’s been a while since the Zodiac story has spattered a screen, so color us intrigued now that Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for Director Jonathan Wright’s upcoming shocker, Awakening the Zodiac. Starring Shane West (Salem, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Leslie Bibb (Iron Man), and the always great Matt Craven (Justified, Disturbia, Jacob’s Ladder) the flick seems to offer a unique and spine-chilling spin on this very cold-blooded cold case. See for yourselves with their new trailer and poster below. Awakening the Zodiac wakes up theaters June 9th, 2017. And remember, lock those doors.

The story follows a down-on-their-luck couple who discovers a serial killer’s film reels. They decide to take the law into their own hands, risking everything for the chance at a $100,000 reward. It isn’t long until they find themselves in the killer’s lethal cross-hairs.