The trailer for upcoming Shout! Studios release, The Pond, leaves me wondering what the hell I just saw, which I imagine is exactly the point. Filled with strange symbols, cryptic kids, and plenty of “What’s going on with that animal?” moments this slice of gothic folk horror definitely has my attention.

Director Peter Pasic has created a darkly atmospheric look at a remote community with strange customs. It’s not clear how much of what we see is really happening and how much is the decent into madness of the main character, a disgraced anthropologist played by Marco Canadea. This is going to be a weird one, and I’m into it!

The Pond premiers in home theaters on Digital and On Demand February 23rd, 2021. Check out the trailer below!

The Pond is the story of an anthropologist on the verge of an apocalyptic discovery who begins to descend into madness, as his hallucinations reveal something sinister is after him. Set in an Balkan village rich with supernatural dread, the film’s evocative cinematography creates an ominous, slow-burn atmosphere that’s sure to linger with the viewer long after the film has ended.