Martin Scorcese can't be that wrong.

I’m sure film lovers agree that Director Martin Scorcese knows what he’s talking about. After all, the man has directed multiple cinema classics, including TAXI DRIVER, RAGING BULL, GOODFELLAS, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and many more. Although Mr. Scorcese has yet to direct a Horror film–maybe CAPE FEAR came close–he is known to be a fan of some classics.

One of those classics is 1980’s THE CHANGELING, and the news just broke that it’s getting a remake. Personally, this one has always been on my list of faves, so I was delighted to hear the news that this haunting thriller which starred George C. Scott will get the remake treatment.

The story features a well-known Composer who hides away in a recently purchased Victorian home after a tragic family loss. While exploring the secretive past of this old mansion, he awakens the spirit of a dead child and uncovers a horrifying mystery which connects to the present day.

Re-imagining these horrors is Cornerstone Films and German production company X Filme. Producing will be Joel Michaels, who produced the original 1980 film. Directing will be Mark Steven Johnson, whose writing and directing credits include GHOST RIDER, KILLING SEASON and JACK FROST.

While we wait for more details, get in the supernatural mood with the original trailer and poster below. Or settle into your own creepy old house, watch the original THE CHANGELING for yourself, and tell us what you think in the comments. Enjoy.