If you have read some of my other reviews you will notice that I am not particularly a fan of the mystical mirror/antique subgenre. If you have been alive, you will have noticed that there are an abundance of found footage movies out these days. This movie falls under both of the aforementioned categories. So I hate it. Right? No, not really.

I am not particularly as tired of the FF films as some people are. They give a different perspective obviously and create a certain closeness that you feel with the cast. You aren’t some omnipotent being with a camera that’s looking in on the subjects. You are connected because you have the point of view of one of the characters. In The Mirror this rings true and I felt like one of the gang. Just a couple of flat-mates inexplicably buying a haunted mirror on eBay. Yes, the mirror is listed on eBay, and it is described as “haunted.” This is done to compete in a mysterious “Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.” This also is never really broached or explained, but who gives a fuck? It has at least something paranormal, someone’s camera, as someone toying with death and potential dismemberment always has, and an overly ambitious group of young kids.

The budget appeared to be similar to that of the refreshment budget at a Midwestern parent/teacher conference, but that also is not a knock. The violence is purposefully minimal, and with that they don’t run the risk of having any awful CGI, or visibly fake effects you might see in a Sci-Fi channel original movie. Ed Boase knew his limitations here and handled it well as a director. The characters are perfectly likeable, something I have a hard time finding these days, both in film and in my personal life, and their performances are all acceptable. The story certainly has its holes but when shit gets real in the third act it will have you feeling uneasy and one death in particular is quite unsettling. It very much is a “little” movie but it’s executed well, and it is entertaining. It is definitely worth a viewing and should be potentially hitting Netflix in April and VOD in January.