Work sucks, we know. But it can’t be as bad as it is for the employees of Belko Industries. We’re filing the TPS reports and exploring the HR nightmare that is THE BELKO EXPERIEMENT. Not only that, but we’re bringing you our first impressions (or whatever word the PR people would like us to use) of the highly anticipated TV series THE MIST. It’s a double feature!

In the news feed we gear up for surviving the wilds. First up is a trip to the JUNGLE with Daniel Radcliffe. After an exhilarating boat ride, we’re off to the Australian outback, and wouldn’t you know it, we end up in the KILLING GROUNDS. Of course you can’t venture into the wild and not expect to stumble across a SERPENT. This time it just so happens to be a Black Mamba and some shady text messages. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing this one wasn’t real life. Back in civilization, Ellen Page leads the cast of the FLATLINERS remake. Blumhouse teases multiple deaths in HAPPY DEATH DAY, and the CROOKED MAN gets confirmed.

Round 3 we answer your questions. Didn’t hear your question answered? Hit us up on Twitter (or Facebook if that’s your thing) with #AskModernHorrors. You might even win a prize one of these days. Not this week, but maybe some other week.

As always, you get all of that and a surprise announcement on episode 108 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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