After a much needed and deserved week of vacation, we’re back with an episode befitting 111. What does that mean? We’re not quite sure, but we definitely throw out a few theories.

With two weeks worth of news to cover, this is one large news feed. Buckle up. We’ve got news on THE GRUDGE reboot, SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ, a sequel to THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT, and new LEATHERFACE images. We also got trailers for THE RITUAL, a what-the-fuck movie called LOWLIFE, home invasion flick JACKALSANOTHER WOLFCOP, short turned full length feature POLAROID, and your favorite Good Guy is coming back (again) in CULT OF CHUCKY.

In our review, we venture into the Australian wilderness where everything is out to kill you with the aptly titled KILLING GROUND. The PR people have been hyping this one up a bit extra, so is it really that brutal? We give our honest opinions of that followed by a discussion of this “post horror” debacle. All of that and a lot more in this 90 minute episode of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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