Every once in awhile a week will hit you with an unusual amount of newsworthy topics. This is that week.

So many trailers for us the talk about, arguably none bigger than IT. Emo favorite, Darren Aronofsky, has a star-studded cast in MOTHER. Move over Jack the Ripper, THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM wants to be 1800’s London’s premiere serial killer. MOUNTAIN FEVER is doing a thing, and we think we like it. Self-aware RUIN ME might just slay in the laugh department, while DAVE MADE A MAZE is a shining example of indie film charm. Next we hit the Far East with the troubled background of TEMPLE followed by some creepy Thai witch living in the GHOST HOUSEDOWNRANGE goes from interesting to what-the-fuck quickly, while A SERBIAN FILM director gets back in the director’s saddle with WHEREOUT. Oh, and did we mention CREEP 2 wrapped?

Finally we get to this week’s review of RESIDUE (or Residon’t). Should you hunt this wild ride down, or is this a hard pass? We answer that as well as a few #AskModernHorrors questions that are sure to get us labeled a smattering of derogatory terms. All of that and so much more on episode 114 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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