Despite the quick turnaround, we have a very robust show lined up for you guys.

The news feed is littered with trailers that are just waiting to have our opinions spouted about them. We start off with REVENGE. This rape-revenge story had a successful festival run and is now gearing up for a wider audience. Our friend from the UK, Charlie Steeds, is back with another movie, BARGE PEOPLE. Strange looking maggot people attack and eat other people on a barge. We don’t know what more you’re wanting here. In big box theatrical trailers, we check out SLENDERMAN, another movie titled TRUTH OR DARE, and the long awaited sequel THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT. Buckle up, because it might be a poor year for theatrical horror. Finally we look at STRANGE NATURE and talk about the latest thing on Netflix, THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD.

Our review this week is the controversial remake or the controversial French film INSIDE. We’ve known this was coming for a long time now, so everyone has had a lot of time to build up a healthy dose of hate. But is that hate warranted? We get into that doing our best not to compare and contrast (we fail), followed by a round of #ASKMODERNHORRORS. There are some good ones this week, and if you want us to answer your questions, just hit us up with the hashtag and we’ll get to it on a future episode.

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