As scary as it would be to be possessed by a demon, being possessed by a corporate assassin seems far worse. Frankly just the thought of corporate assassins existing is horrifying! We’re all very aware these days of how easily our information can be compromised by the manipulation of modern technology, as well as how much that can mess up your daily life.

Now imagine that someone can inhabit your body and use it to murder people. It looks like that’s what we’re in for with Possessor. Sci-Fi/horror can sometimes lean too much on explaining the technology for my tastes, but the story here looks really interesting and engaging. The trailer for the sophomore feature from the son of David Cronenberg promises to get techy, messy, and bloody. The Modern Horrors team is ‘all-in’ and will definitely give you our thoughts once it releases!

Possessor comes to select theaters and drive ins on October 9, 2020; on digital and VOD on November 6, 2020

From the visionary mind of writer/director Brandon Cronenberg, POSSESSOR is an arresting sci-fi thriller about elite, corporate assassin Tasya Vos. Using brain-implant technology, Vos takes control of other people’s bodies to execute high profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her.