Let’s face it, even nice hotels feel a little bit creepy. Weird shit happens in hotels, emotions run wild, and people frequently die in hotels. I assume every hotel, motel, and vacation rental is haunted in someway, so I’m always immediately on board with movies set in them. I don’t think Night at the Eagle Inn will be any exception to this excitement.

As a pair of siblings checks in to Eagle Inn, we learn that this hotel changes people, some go missing, and the hours spent there often feel like days. I’m definitely seeing shades of one of my favorite hotel horrors, 1408, and I’m into it!

Another sinister aspect of this hotel is that there seem to be video tapes of past guests. That’s ominous no matter how you slice it, and it also lends a bit of a found footage vibe that I’m curious to see incorporated in the overall film. The Modern Horrors team got to catch this film at Popcorn Frights 2021 and you can check out our review here. We’ve got the trailer and poster for you below, let us know what you think!

Night at the Eagle Inn will be released on November 2, 2021

Fraternal twins Spencer and Sarah Moss embark on a pilgrimage to a remote Vermont inn to investigate the last known whereabouts of their father who mysteriously disappeared the night they were born. Once checked in, the uncanny innkeeper and enigmatic groundsman guide the twins through the institution’s tragic and terrifying history. Not ones to leave any stone unturned, Spencer and Sarah go rogue and dive deeper – their exploration leading to shocking revelations as the property’s dark secrets ensnare them in a hellish labyrinth they must escape before dawn. Equal parts The Innkeepers, The Shining, and Vacancy, Night at the Eagle Inn is a fast-paced horror-mystery laden with intrigue, black comedy, and plenty of scares.