Osgood Perkins’ Blackcoat’s Daughter is underseen and underrated, but that hasn’t slowed him down. A new report from Collider has him directing Gretel and Hansel, a faithful adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale. The story isn’t new. A pair of siblings are kidnapped by a terrifying and cannibalistic witch, and things get weird. Nor is this the first or last adaptation. It’s been adapted and retold countless times. 

Details about the movie are scarce. Perkins will direct a script Rob Hayes (Chewing Gum), which sources say is faithful to the fairy tale we know well. Perkins can undoubtedly add some creepy flair to the tale; however, it’d be nice if he stuck the story’s darker origins. 

Perkins has quite a portfolio already, writing and directing Blackcoat’s Daughter, helming I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the house, and wrote The Girl in the Photographs and Cold Comes the Night. He’s also working on an adaptation of Paul Tremblay’s “A Head Full of Ghosts.”