Two years ago, Sony introduced us to their new PlayStation exclusive zombie game, DAYS GONE. After teasing us with a handful of trailers, Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally marked February 22, 2019, as the release date for DAYS GONE. On top of that, they were kind enough to debut a new gameplay demo at this year’s E3 to both tease us further and to boost our excitement level– it worked.

DAYS GONE  will be exclusively released on PlayStation 4 February 22nd, 2019. Check out the new gameplay video below.

Days Gone is an open world, third-person action/adventure horror game about a pandemic that killed some of humanity and left the others as braindead zombie-like creatures. As the player, you will control Deacon, an ex-outlaw, living his life now as a bounty hunter while surviving the outbreak. What sets the “zombies”, or Freakers as they called it, apparat from rest of the zombie games is in this game the zombies are evolving. Also, by the looks of the second trailer humans are not the only ones effected by this pandemic. Expect to run into zombie bears and other animals while venturing out in the wild.

UPDATE: Days Gone has been delayed to April 26, 2019. Bummer.