This ain’t no Silver Bullet kind of werewolf flick.  Wer is a fairly fresh new take on the classic monster genre that has become quite stale.  Most of the movie plays out like a mystery.  Is Talan, who clearly looks the part of a werewolf, the evil monster that he is accused of being, or is there something more sinister at play?

With a run time around 88 minutes, it’s an easy film to stay engaged with.  I do think it fits a bit more into the thriller side of the genre, since the scares are basically absent.  There were a couple of eyeball scenes that made me cringe, which is a testament to the effects.  The visual quality almost gave it that B-movie feel, but with the intriguing story and great sound you really stopped noticing that early on.

If I was going to say one thing negative about Wer, it would be that the last 10 minutes felt a bit out of place.  As the story hits its climax, the thematic mood changes.  I won’t ruin it here, just be prepared for it to run off the rails a bit.

Overall, this is one of those gems that doesn’t deserved to be overlooked.  Wer is perfect proof that some of these tired old sub-genres still have plenty of life left in them.