You might think that  the Halloween season has passed…but you’d be wrong. The Scarehouse takes us right back to October with an extremely unusual tale of revenge by two extremely unlikely horror villains. Two females. That alone should be enough for you to raise an eyebrow. It’s not everyday that we see two female leads as the people inflicting violence on others in horror films. But are they actually villains? You’ll have to be the judge of that, and I’m not sure everyone will come out with the same conclusion.

We follow Elaina and Corey as they go to great lengths to right a wrong that was committed against them two years prior by their sorority. This event is told through flashbacks as the film progresses, and will more than likely have you trying to piece together what happened yourself before it all comes together. I know I was. These girls aren’t getting revenge by spreading nasty rumors on Facebook, or leaking embarrassing nudes to the masses with Snapchat, though. Not even close. Instead, Corey and Elaina lure the girls into a makeshift haunted attraction and torture them one by one. Sometimes in an attempt to gain the truth of what happened two years ago…sometimes just to be really fucking mean.

The production value is far greater than what you would expect from someones first ever horror film. Director Gavin Michael Booth can hold his head high. The acting is also quite good for a cast that is unlikely to be recognized by many. I’ll be honest though. There were times where I found the dialogue to be absolutely tedious. Some shots of the sorority sisters are painful. In hindsight though, I feel this may have been by design. Im a 27 year old male and I spent several years of my life living in a college town. Far too often, I found myself in the company of these types of girls…and they are every bit as painful in real life. Some REALLY talk like that. So I’m going to assume that was the point. It also makes it somewhat more satisfying to see them get ruined.

When it comes time for the violence though, it is mostly satisfying. There is curiously one squirm-inducing device that is never seen in action. That’s a shame, because that’s certainly something I would have never seen before. Turns out, that was kind of the theme of the kills. Being a mostly female cast really brought some originality to the deaths that I have absolutely never seen portrayed anywhere else. Sometimes it did feel as if we were cheated from a shot or two though. Perhaps a “directors cut” down the line?

By the time the final credits roll – you will likely be left with many feelings. In my opinion, thats exactly what you want. I’m not sure everyone will agree with the ending, or even the motive for the entire film. Luckily, that opens up the door for some good ol’ fashioned conversation with your friends.

The Scarehouse is set for a North American release on VOD/iTunes January 13th by Universal and D Films. DVD/BluRay will follow two weeks later. Stay tuned to over the next few weeks. We will be bringing additional content for The Scarehouse that you won’t want to miss.