This week’s episode of Scream started out weak, but ended with a bang. Warning: spoilers ahead. As usual we were treated to an opening death scene. The scene this week involved two lovers from Halloween past. The scene was very brief, but I was willing to accept it as we do get a very decent death scene at the end of the episode.Scream-EP3-Photo-300x145

One thing that I really noticed in this episode was the music. I really love the score that they use. It is an interesting violin piece that is intricate and, at times, unsettling.

A strong addition introduced in this week’s episode was the idea that the characters now have open communication with the killer. They are able to text the killer’s number back and have communication with him/her on more of a two-sided line. I really dig that concept. It also really makes sense. I think this is a very welcomed update to the Scream world.

The high school teen melodrama was put at a minimum this episode (thank god). It really was an action-centered installment. After visiting the funeral of Rachael, Emma learns some news about her past. When she confronts her mother, the not-so-shocking revelation is made that her mother is in fact Daisy. Noah and Riley seem to be kicking off real sScreamTheTVS_NA_85798744.mov_.mp4_.Still058-1436900429mooth. The guy even almost lost his virginity… almost. Brook is still playing sexual games with the teacher (hey, did anyone know that is Bobby Campo, Mr. Final Destination 5, himself?). And Audrey is surprisingly vacant this episode, especially when all the action goes down. Hmmmmmm.

The biggest mystery is what is going on between Will and Jake. We learn of a box of money that they had buried in the forest. Will has moved it and Jake is not too pleased. In a confrontation in the woods, both guys seem menacing and threatening… Will going as far as to almost pulling a knife on his best buddy in crime. We also learn that “dead” Tyler is involved in this somehow.

The action concludes when several people receive a message from Tyler. The gang heads to the police station and set-up a sting. The operation, however, fails… and thus someone dies. The death scene this week is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. For a minute, it is a back and forth switch between Brook and Riley of who might die.

ScreamTheTVS_NA_85798744.mov_.mp4_.Still079-1436901066Eventually, Riley is the unlucky sole. The killer playfully taps the knife along the fence as he traps her in a back alleyway. When she tries to escape by climbing up, but the killer slashes her back and her leg (ouch!). The gore is starting to amp up and I am very pleased with that. In her final moments Riley gets on the phone with Noah. (Much like Casey’s final moments in Scream 1- nice homage). Riley bangs on the sky roof window at the police station. Safety is so close, yet so far away. She takes her last breathe in a dramatic and sad situation for Noah. **Noticeably missing during all of this action are: Aubrey, Will, Jake, the Teacher, and Kieren. Oh, and before I forget, Kieren is not interested in having Emma visit his house (why can’t she come in? I’m sure we’ll find out).

After three episodes the series is really starting to take shape, and I am really digging it! If we get more episodes like tonights, then I will be a happy camper! Who are your guesses for the killer? We’ll see you next week!