“I’m a human fly and I don’t know why, I got 96 tears in my 96 eyes”

Nothing in life lasts forever. Everything in this world either dies, or is forgotten about and lost forever. It’s our constant drive to understand this world that helps us unearth treasures of the past. Recently, a new treasure has been unearthed, and it’s bigger than dinosaurs or the grave of Jesus.

In 1978, sleazy, trash rock legends The Cramps created a music video for their song “Human Fly.” Up until recently, the video seemed a legend, with no one actually being able to say they have seen it. Fans had heard rumors of the video featuring the late Lux Interior in a classic monster-movie transformation, but still it was nowhere to be found. Well one outstanding citizen found it and uploaded it to the web and it is everything you could have hoped for from the band.

The video plays like a short film showing a small encounter between Poison Ivy (guitar) and Lux (vocals) after he injects himself with a mystery serum. The actual song doesn’t start until the middle, and it works awesome that way. I really wish they would have made more of these shorts or even possibly a full length trashy b-movie, but this is enough to keep me satisfied. The video gets pretty fuzzy toward the middle, but that just adds to the whole experience of it all.

If you are not familiar with the band, delete all other music from your cue and learn up son. The Cramps are the musical embodiment of trashy classic b-horror that time forgot. This lost video will serve as a good introduction to their deranged music about monsters, the supernatural, drugs and everything trash. RIP Lux Interior!