James Wan’s (SAW, INSIDIOUS) THE CONJURING franchise started as a lone movie about the real-life experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren, two world-famous paranormal investigators. Slowly, his cinematic universe expanded. After THE CONJURING in 2013 came ANNABELLE a year later. In 2016, horror fans saw THE CONJURING 2. The following year, ANNABELLE: CREATION hit theaters. It’s now 2018, and the fifth installment in THE CONJURING universe is coming Sept. 7 – THE NUN – and we finally have our first teaser trailer. 

THE NUN is about a priest sent to Romania to investigate the mysterious death of a nun. As with the other movies in THE CONJURING universe, things aren’t what they seem, and soon the remaining nuns and the priest are fighting for their lives against a demonic force. The trailer gives little away other than beautifully haunting set pieces, some serious creepiness, and one solid jump scare. 

Expectations for THE NUN are high. While ANNABELLE isn’t the franchises strongest entry, the other three films are solid horror movies that delivered on the scares. Fans are hoping the franchise’s history of good storytelling, excellent character development, and frightening imagery can again deliver a future classic horror movie. All of which seems possible with the cast and crew assembled for the movie. 

James Wan has a story credit while Gary Dauberman is credited with writing the screenplay.  You may have enjoyed Dauberman’s other horror hits such as IT and ANNABELLE: CREATION. Behind the camera directing is Corin Hardy (THE HALLOW). THE NUN stars Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story, THE FINAL GIRLS), Bonnie Aarons (DRAG ME TO HELL, THE CONJURING 2), Charlotte Hope (Game Of Thrones), and Demián Bichir (THE HATEFUL EIGHT, MACHETE KILLS, ALIEN: COVENANT). 

THE NUN hits theaters Sept. 7. 

Vatican officials send a priest and a novitiate to investigate the suicide of a young nun in Romania. They soon find themselves in a fight for their lives when they encounter a demonic force that takes the shape of a nun.