Isn’t it a universal rule of horror that if you play creepy games you get creepy prizes? Have a séance? Play with a Ouija board? You’re asking for it. Halloween Party is here to tell us that this inevitability extends to spooky apps as well–especially if you live in a dorm that happens to be built atop a former hospital.

It’s unclear what kind of hospital we’re dealing with here, but my assumption would be a mental institution. We learn that, for the residents of this particular wing, Halloween was every day (can relate).All I can say is if ghosts have learned to build apps in order to use our worst fears against us, we’re all in big trouble. The trailer looks a bit over the top, but it seems reminiscent of the 90s teen horror boom. It could be fun.

Halloween Party opens in select theaters and on VOD October 2nd, 2020.

HALLOWEEN PARTY follows a college student named Grace on a journey to find out who killed her best friend after the girls trigger a cheesy yet disturbing Halloween-themed computer meme. With the help of a talented I.T. student named Spencer, the two soon discover that their old college has a terrible secret…