Beautiful graphics, amazing facial expressions, and strong storytelling are some of the few amazing aspects of The Last of Us. Rarely do we get games where their story moves us and the characters leave imprints on our heart. The Last of Us achieves that effortlessly. Back in 2013, we went on a post zombie apocalyptic adventure with Joel and Ellie. Since then fans have had their fingers crossed for a second The Last of Us.

This weekend at Playstation Experience, rumors of The Last of Us Part 2 have finally been confirmed to be true. In the teaser trailer, the graphics prove to be as beautiful as ever and the dark and bleak vibes of the story are ever so present, much like the first game.

Not much has been revealed about the story or gameplay, but it has been confirmed that gamers will be playing as 19-year-old Ellie this time around. When Ashley Johnson (voice of Ellie) was asked about the shaking hand in the trailer she responded, “this is the part that sucks. We’re like yay there is a The Last of Us Part 2 but we can’t talk about anything. There are reasons, which is the lamest answer of all time. She’s gone through some shit. What a shocker. I feel like you knew the answer to this one, I feel like I’ll get into trouble.” With this response alone, one can only imagine the dark yet beautiful adventures that will lie before us in the near future.

A release date has yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to keep you guys posted.